“If it’s not alluring, it’s a waste of pixels.”

Note: This site is perpetually under construction. Drop by occasionally to see what has changed.

Why RAGtop with that capitalization? There are two reasons: I like vintage convertibles, commonly called ragtops, and my initials are R-A-G. And let me recommend Molly Hatchet’s Ragtop Deluxe.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio.

My photography background is in landscape and newspaper photography. As a result, while some photographers like a soft-focus effect, I like my photographs to be crisp.

I prefer to shoot on location. To paraphrase a wise photographer, people don’t live in front of white paper backgrounds.

I’m available to photograph pets, school yearbook photos, portraits, and glamour. If you’re interested in a genre I have not listed, please contact me. My rates are quite reasonable. Please use the Contact form to ask questions.

I occasionally hire models for special projects. One current project is 1940-1960 vintage pinup images, inspired by the artwork of Gil Elvgren and Varga, the pinup photography of Bunny Yeager, and the publicity stills by the movie companies. I particularly want to do images featuring models and hot cars.

If you are interested in working as a model with me, please use the Contact form.

Note that, if I have not worked with you before, I prefer you to be accompanied by a friend.

Some other projects I would like to pursue are:

1. Well-done ink.

2. Create modern interpretations of vintage pinups done by the famous “sweater girls” of the 1940-1960 era, such as Jane Russell, Lana Turner, Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe. Bettie Page also is a favorite.

3. Recreate some of Olivia’s pinup artwork as a photograph; such as Moulin Rouge.

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